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With the support of Staff Care Services, you can create a positive and healthy environment for your employees. Our health and wellbeing services encourage both personal growth and enjoyment of the workplace. We’ll partner with you in designing an insight-driven employee health and wellbeing strategy based on the unique needs of your organisation.

Supplying and maintaining a staff wellbeing strategy, we can provide valuable data and insight that allows you to improve employee engagement, retain your best talent, and lower absence costs.

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Occupational Health

Our team of expert Occupational Health Advisors and Physicians boast decades of education, public, and health sector experience and know exactly the best way to support both managers and staff across all areas health and wellbeing.

Our services include pre-employment screening, management referrals assessments, health surveillance, ill health retirement, vaccination programs, and health strategy.

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Support Line Counselling

Put your people first by supporting them when they need it most and with any challenge life presents.

Our counselling and talking therapies service is delivered by an extensive network of British Association of Counselling andPsychotherapy accredited professionals through a series of structured remote or face to face counselling sessions.


Health and Wellbeing Consultancy

Tap into our expertise and let us support you in creating a Health and Wellbeing strategy that meets the unique needs of your people and organisation. 

From engaging with your employees to understanding what you do well, what you can improve on, and even being recognised for your efforts through our data driven 4 pillar approach to workplace wellbeing.

We also offer various training and professional development options.

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