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What is ReferenceCheck?

Checking someone’s employment references is an important step in the hiring process that can help you make informed decisions about whether or not to hire a candidate.

The service can be integrated with our DBS and Digital Identity check functionality allowing for the complete application cycle to be processed on the same system.

ReferenceCheck allows you to process references for new employees online, as well as receive notifications when a completed reference is successfully returned. Watch our overview video >> of EmploymentCheck services.

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Pre-screen candidates with confidence

Using ReferenceCheck, employers can run comprehensive pre-screenings on applicants to obtain employer or personal references, as well as:

✅ Customisable, secure surveys
✅ Up to 7 referees per applicant
✅ Email notifications to keep key parties updated on progress
✅ Bespoke reporting suite
✅ User friendly interface.

Key Features

  • Verify employment history
  • Assess Job Performance

Verify employment history

Obtaining employer references. This includes details such as job title, employment dates, and job responsibilities.
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Assess Job Performance

Gain valuable insights into a candidate’s job performance, including their strengths and weaknesses, work style, and ability to work well with others.
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Introduction to EmploymentCheck

Watch our video!

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Why use EmploymentCheck?

Fast - Get results quickly, especially using our integrated DigitalIDCheck service.

Compliant - Our secure platform aligns with Home Office guidelines.

Remote Delivery - Handle your DBS, Right to  Work, Digital ID and Reference  checks in one platform.

Cost Savings - Pay only for the service you use.

Efficient - Decrease time-to-hire for a streamlined recruitment process.

Security - Rely on ISO27001 accredited  provider (powered by Cantium) for data protection. 

Accurate - Advanced AI technology for robust document verification,  reducing errors compared to  manual checks.

EmploymentCheck by the numbers...

Key stats showing the depth and breadth of our service delivery (figures for 2022 calendar year).

Group 2641
DBS Checks
Group 2642
Group 2639
Umbrella body clients
Group 2643
eBroker clients

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What our clients say

EmploymentCheck is an entirely online solution, accessible from any internet enabled device and fully compatible with mobiles.

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