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Workplace Wellbeing Services

Benefit from a healthier, happier, and more productive workforce.

Workplace Wellbeing Article

Physical, financial, social, and mental wellbeing

Our services are designed to support schools and organisations cultivate work cultures in which employees can thrive and create healthy habits in both their personal and professional lives. We can educate and raise awareness on topics such as physical, financial, social, and mental wellbeing. 

Through improved understanding we can ensure that our colleagues are not met with misunderstanding, stigma or discrimination but are instead encouraged and supported to prioritise their health and wellbeing. In doing so, we will benefit from a healthier, happier, and more productive workforce.

Wellbeing 4 Pillars

Our wellbeing services include:

Workplace Staff PULSE survey

To successfully deliver sustained, measurable, positive change within your school you first need to understand the position you are starting from. All too often we fall into the trap of assuming we know how our employees are feeling and the support they require.

Our Workplace Staff PULSE survey has been designed to get a true and honest reflection of what your employees think about support offered in the workplace in relation to the four pillars of wellbeing.

  1. Mental Wellbeing
  2. Physical Wellbeing
  3. Social Wellbeing
  4. Financial Wellbeing.

What do we answer?

✅ How well supported your employees feel
✅ What areas you already support well
✅ Do you already have the right support in place?
✅ What areas need improving?
✅ How your Employees Wellbeing Pulse is linked to your policies, processes and support mechanisms

We offer a range of package options to suits all types of organisations.  

You can opt for a data only option, perfect for organisations that have a wellbeing team in house.  

However, if like many organisations you have limited time you can opt for our Pulse Premium package. We will analyse the results on your behalf, present back our findings and offer a customised set of recommendations. We will then support you to create a Wellbeing Action Plan to move your survey findings forward. 

Wellbeing Consultancy

Our wellbeing consultancy provides access to expert advice and guidance, as well as help developing wellbeing action plans, policies, staff engagement and communication plans. By utilising our experience, we can provide you with a wealth of knowledge on best practice, ideas and initiatives that you can then embed in your own organisation.

Menopause Awareness Training

 We offer 1 ½ hour bespoke sessions virtually or in person. 

This session is designed to support organisations create an age and gender inclusive workplace. It provides training for employees and managers to increase awareness on the symptoms of the menopause which reach far above and beyond just hot flushes and identify how an employee’s menopausal symptoms may impact on their attendance or capability to undertake their job role. 

Mental Health First Aid Training

Adult Mental Health First Aid Training 

This online training is fully accredited by Mental Health First Aid England and is accessible to all members of staff looking to support with the mental health and wellbeing of their colleagues and other adults. 

This course focuses on the recognizing, identifying and supporting with mental ill health in adults and covers a range of topics including: 

  • Depression. 
  • Stress and anxiety. 
  • Self-harm. 
  • Eating disorders. 
  • Substance misuse 
  • Suicide 
  • Psychosis 

Youth Mental Health First Aid Training 

Youth Mental Health First Aid (MHFA®) will teach you the skills and confidence to spot the signs of mental health issues in a young person, offer first aid and guide them towards the support they need. In doing so, you can speed up a young person’s recovery and stop a mental health issue from getting worse. 

This online course is fully accredited by Mental Health First Aid England and is accessible to all members of staff looking to support young people aged 8-18 with their mental health and wellbeing. 

Understanding Stress and Negative Thought Patterns Training

We offer bespoke sessions virtually or in person. 

When we feel overwhelmed or under pressure our body experiences a fight or flight response also referred to as a stress response. This response when working properly, can help you stay focused, energetic, and alert. 

However, too much stress or chronic stress can be detrimental to our overall health. It can leave us in a permanent stage of fight or flight, leaving us overwhelmed or unable to cope. Long term, this can affect our physical and mental health. 

This training explores: 

  • What happens in your body when you are under stress. 
  • How does stress make you feel? 
  • An understanding of negative thought patterns. 
  • An understanding of how to reframe your thoughts to give more control and ability to deal with what life throws at you. 

What our clients say...

This has been one of the best courses in terms of delivery, content, information and resources that I have experienced in 30 years. A great balance with considerate and meaningful conversations around emotive subjects. Youth Mental Health First Aid Delegate, March 2024
This course was insightful, educational and a safe space to discuss topics that carry stigma. I would highly recommend this course. The instructors were professional and compassionate. 5 Stars! Youth Mental Health First Aid Delegate, February 2024
I found the Menopause Awareness training session very informative and interesting and through this it has highlighted that we do need to educate everyone and be open and honest about this sometimes taboo subject. Stone Bay School
The content covered is so applicable and really well structured. I really feel like this has given me an amazing foundation for possibly working more within the Mental Health sector. Inspired. MHFA Training Delegate, April 2022
The element I found most useful was... explaining the four pillars approach and useful ideas of how we can implement wellbeing going forwards in our school with surveys. Primary School, Kent

A selection of clients we work with...


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