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The Future of ID Checks

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What is DigitalIDCheck?

DigitalIDCheck from EmploymentCheck  provides a cutting-edge and convenient way for applicants to prove they are who they say they are, quicker and more securely than ever before.

Designed to simplify and accelerate the verification of an individual’s identity, DigitalIDCheck offers a comprehensive, UK government certified experience.

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Speed up onboarding

We have partnered with the Yoti ID and Post Office EasyID app to speed up your onboarding process and avoid human error. 

Your applicant only needs to verify their identity details once to create a reusable digital ID in minutes. Watch our demo videos >> to see how easy it is!

Alternatively, your applicants can visit a secure website where they can scan in their documents. Having a fully compliant digital method of securely verifying the identity of Applicants will increase the efficiency of your recruitment process and help eliminate human error.

Key Features

  • Increased Accuracy
  • Hire Faster
  • Convenient
  • Easy to Use
  • Secure
  • Cost Effective

Increased Accuracy

DigitalIDCheck uses advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) to digitally verify identity documents, this helps to reduce errors and eliminate the use of forged identity documents.
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Hire Faster

DigitalIDCheck automates the ID Verification of Applicants by allowing Applicants to scan and upload documents themselves which speeds up the Recruitment process meaning you can get candidates in post faster. This will help you to streamline your application process and focus on onboarding and training.
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DigitalIDCheck allows individuals to verify their identity from anywhere, at any time, using an internet enabled computer or mobile device. This makes it easier to supply the required documents without having to visit a physical location to provide identification documents in person to a named individual.
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Easy to Use

DigitalIDCheck provides a simple and easy to use interface to make identity verification a seamless process for your Applicants. Through a fully automated ID verification process via a smartphone App or embedded web browser integration, reduce the time and resources required to confirm identity.
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DigitalIDCheck makes use of Yoti's certified Digital ID check process. Yoti have been independently assessed and certified against DBS and Home Office guidelines to ensure a compliant and secure solution is provided at all times.
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Cost Effective

DigitalIDCheck is more cost-effective than traditional identity verification methods, as fewer physical resources are required to manually check identity documents.
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How does DigitalIDCheck work?

Your users will conduct Digital ID checks themselves, using government issued ID documents and biometric face scans to create Digital Identity profiles through a smartphone App or an embedded web browser integration.

Watch our overview videos for the App and Website user journeys!

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Why use EmploymentCheck?

Fast - Get results quickly, especially using our integrated DigitalIDCheck service.

Compliant - Our secure platform aligns with Home Office guidelines.

Remote Delivery - Handle your DBS, Right to  Work, Digital ID and Reference  checks in one platform.

Cost Savings - Pay only for the service you use.

Efficient - Decrease time-to-hire for a streamlined recruitment process.

Security - Rely on ISO27001 accredited  provider (powered by Cantium) for data protection. 

Accurate - Advanced AI technology for robust document verification,  reducing errors compared to  manual checks.

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EmploymentCheck is an entirely online solution, accessible from any internet enabled device and fully compatible with mobiles.

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