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Our comprehensive occupational health services prioritise the wellbeing of your employees to create a safer, healthier work environment. Explore our resources and consider empowering your organisation with the knowledge needed to build a workplace where wellbeing is embedded in the culture.

Our OH Services

Management Referrals

A management referral to Staff Care Services can be made if you need expert, impartial and independent advice on ensuring your employees are fit for work or supported and able to continue in their role safely or need help in returning to work after a period of absence. 

Management referrals can be made for a range of reasons including frequent short term and long absence, patterns of absence, mental health concerns and health issues that impact an employee’s ability to undertake their role fully. 

What’s included? 

  • A full occupational health consultation with an OH Advisor of Physician 
  • Advice to the employee during the consultation including signposting to relevant resources, advice and guidance 
  • A comprehensive OH report including responses to specific questions raised and suggestions or signposting to further information or consideration of reasonable adjustments 
  • Access to our industry leading online OH system including manager and employee portals 
  • Arrangement and call back for follow-up consultations or case conference appointments if required.

Pre-Placement Health Screening

Support your staff from the moment they join your organisation through the Staff Care Services pre-placement health screening service. Identify potential health risks that might impact an employee’s ability to undertake their new role or that might pose a risk to themselves and their colleagues; keeping everyone healthy and safe while they work. 

Our pre-placement health screening is undertaken through a comprehensive online questionnaire and includes a range of practice questions developed through a combination of best practice and expert clinical experience. 

If required our OH Advisors will triage more complex questionnaire responses to ensure the correct ‘fit-to-work’ decision is made or that reasonable adjustments are considered for the employee’s new role. 

Some case may need to be escalated to an Occupational Health Physician (OHP) for a full consultation which we can arrange if needed. 

What’s included? 

  • Comprehensive online pre-placement questionnaire (PPQ) for new employees 
  • Fast clearance and fit to work confirmation 
  • Expert OH Advisor triage of more complex PPQ responses and confirmation of fit-to-work with adjustments as required 
  • Escalation to a full OH consultation as required 
  • Confirmation or fit to work with adjustments if required or not fit to work 
  • Access to our industry leading online OH system including manager and employee portals 

Ill Health Retirement

Staff Care Services provide fully compliant, expert Ill Health Retirement Assessments and advise from an initial OH Physicians appointment to discuss the potential for ill health retirement to a final Independent Registered Medical Practitioner (IRMP) review of an employees case file for retirement on medical grounds. 

We have experience of working with a range of various pension scheme rules and processes and will always ensure the ill health retirement recommendation we make is based on sound clinical evidence. 

We understand that for both employee and employer, this process can be time consuming and complex which is why we can provide a fully managed Ill Health Retirement Process or just an IRMP case file opinion if required. 

What’s Included? 

  • Engagement with the employee to gain consent and case file information (fully managed service only).
  • Request relevant medical/expert reports and supporting case file documentation on behalf of the employee (fully managed service only).
  • Chase outstanding medical/expert reports from 3rd parties (fully managed service only).
  • Collation of the case file and engagement with employee to agree the contents (fully managed service only).
  • Independent Registered Medical Practitioner (IRMP) case file opinion.

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