DBS Check

Reasons why a DBS Check may be delayed

July 8, 2024

As you may be aware, there are some police forces that are experiencing delays with DBS checks. The likelihood of experiencing a delay partly depends on the type of check selected, usually Enhanced checks that go to the local police force experience the most delays. However, there are other reasons that applications may be delayed and here is how you can try to prevent them:

  • Misspelt names, failure to disclose additional names or incorrect address details can all lead to delays. It is important that applicants disclose all names and addresses used along with the dates used to and from accurately. ID Verifiers should also check the names declared and address history using the verification documents provided by the applicant.

  • Position titles should be as clear as possible. For example, adding ‘volunteer’ to the position field (where possible) for voluntary roles or adding in the location of where the applicant will be working for example, ‘Admin Assistant in Care Home’ will all help reduce delays.

  • NI Numbers can help the DBS match an applicant. Although this is not a mandatory field, the DBS use this to identify an applicant, and therefore applicants should be encouraged to provide this information when completing their application.

Some DBS applications can also undergo random sampling for further inspection and review. This is undertaken internally by the DBS to ensure that the DBS application process is working correctly. Seasonal delays can also mean that DBS applications are delayed in peak periods. Typically this is in June/July and November.

Some local police forces are still experiencing delays which may be affecting some of your applications. The most recent update can be found here >>